Temporary Google glass emulator - Turn your phone into Google Glass

If you are looking to experience Google Glass without actually buying such a expensive device, then you can simply download some apks which can turn your Android device into Google Glass.
Android device can be made to function like Google glass by installing few apks.
Found two links which gives step by step guideline to do this.

  1. https://github.com/chariard0008/google-glass-emulator

  2. https://github.com/zhuowei/Xenologer#install

Steps to make your device to function like Glass

  1. Install all the apks available on #1 link mentioned above.
  2. Do not open any of the app after installation.
  3. Login to https://accounts.google.com/myglass to setup your glass. Follow all steps here. It might fail at step to connect to your wi-fi. It worked for me after several retry.4. Open Glass home app installed in #1 link.
  4. You can see Glass on your Android device.

My observations about this simulated Glass

  1. One can use Mirror APIs to push cards (static or live cards) from cloud/web on this simulated glass.2. You will see few commands on next screen when you say “ok glass” from home screren.
  2. Camera and other few options does not work. It crashes.4. One can see how menu options works for Google glass app using Google search feature which you see on this simulated glass.Google search is opened when double tapped on glass home screen. Pages seen from Google search are later shown in past cards of glass timeline when you swipe right to left from home screen.

I created one simple hello world application for Google glass. Tried to run this application on Android device which is now simulated Glass. Here are my observations for this test.

  1. It could not install any glass application on this simulated Glass. As Glass application source code mentions
  android:required="true" />
  1. When tried to run app by setting android:required (in manifest of hello world glass app)field to false for above uses-library, it gives another exception for class not found for classes of GDK.
  2. When tried another way to install app by adding gdk.jar from add-on from Android sdk setup, it gives another exception.

So even though this simulated glass is not much useful for glass development, but it definitely gives quick feel to Google glass if you just want to see how Glass works without paying for Google Glass.