Everything one needs to know before choosing advertisement platforms for mobile app

Being an android developer and a project manager in most of the projects, got opportunity to work in depth on advertisement platforms integration in mobile app. Integration of ad platform in mobile app is simplest and easiest way to start monetization. Experience of working with different ad platforms made me thought about questions which one should ask before they choose ad platform to start revenue through their mobile apps.

What kind of ads do you want to show in your mobile app?

Ad platforms have introduced many flavors of ads to be shown through the mobile apps. Few of them are

  1. Banner ads -

    • Ad displayed in the form of banner either on top/bottom of the mobile app.
    • One should verify available sizes of banner for particular ad platform. Because sometimes banner ad appears at the center of the device irrespective of device’s size. It does not fill complete width of the device. One should be concerned about this if UI of the screen is one of the major concerns
    • One can make money out of banner ads if they provide a feature to purchase an app to see ads free version. As banner ads appears on every screen user might like to buy ads free version.
    • Check if banner ads are available for phones, tablets etc. in case of android as it comes with wide range of devices in terms of the size
  2. Interstitial ads -

    • Ads displayed in the form of full screen which can be popped up sometimes when user is going through the app.
    • Preferred for games or gaming kind of apps.
  3. Native ads

    • Native ads are kind of ads which can be shown in between your list items which more or less will look like your list items.

      • These ads come with action buttons like “Install”, “Download” etc.

      • These can be shown after every set of your own list items.

    • Flexible enough to fit into your own list view UI
  4. Video ads

    • Videos are shown in the full screen.

      • These can work best if you are developing some kind of videos apps.

Here are the questions to be asked to yourself before you choose or integrate ads network

  1. What all kinds of ads I want to integrate in my mobile app?
  2. Have I done enough research about target ad platform I am going to integrate?
  3. What is fill rate of type of ad for this particular ad platform?
  4. Can I integrate different ad platform through some mediation platform?
  5. If I am planning to integrate particular ad platform as a mediation for third party ad networks, how many and which ad networks can be route through this?
  6. Does ad platform has proper and well documentation for integration guide (this is also important otherwise most of the time you can end up in things not working as the way you expected them).
  7. Does ad platform provide in house ads feature? (In house ads are your own customized ads or ads for your other apps or maybe for the publishers who are ready to show their ads through your app)
  8. Does target ad platform has enough ads available on their marketplace for the country or region your app is targeting? (Most of the ad platform works better in US but does not seem to work in India)
  9. Do I need random ads from ad platform? Or do I need to filter ads depending on criteria by age group, location or categories etc.?(ad platform allows to set many parameters to filter out ads. One can avoid this as it might reduce ads fill rate.)
  10. Have I checked terms and conditions for ad platform integration whether I am fulfilling criteria or not? Chances of skipping this step are higher if any third party developer is taking care of setting up an ad platform account on behalf of you for your mobile app.
  11. Have I checked terms and conditions for payment system for withdrawing revenue from ad platform integrated?
  12. Importantly, have I made sure that my ad integration won’t annoy target audience and it will give better user experience yet earning enough from ads integration?
    Above checklist may add or remove few questions as this may vary with ad platforms. However asking few questions before you choose or integrate any ad platform into your mobile app and putting some well planned algorithm in place may turn into good monetization strategy for your app.

Here is quick tip to avoid trouble of getting blocked by ad platform provider

To test ad platform integration one might go for live ads and these can get number of hits knowingly or unknowingly which ad platform provider might think as spamming. And your ad platform account might get blocked. So make sure you test live ads yet avoid unnecessary hits on it to get into hassle of account blocking.

Few of the ad platforms

  1. Google admob - http://www.google.com/ads/admob/
  2. MoPub ads - http://www.mopub.com/
  3. InMobi ads - http://www.inmobi.com/
  4. Mmedia ads - http://mmedia.com/
  5. Adcolony ads - http://www.adcolony.com/
  6. Flurry ads - http://www.flurry.com/solutions/publishers
    Hope this information helps someone to get onto right path while choosing Ads platforms!