Looking for quick references to start Google Glass development?

When I started exploring Google glass development for first time, I came across some sample apps, some links which helped me to quickly start development and test first Google Glass sample. I would like to share those references, links which can help someone who is starting Google glass development.

  1. Google glass application developed by Google Inc. -

  2. List of some of the Google glass applications - http://glass-apps.org/google-glass-application-list

  3. List of Google glass app and app for other wearable smart gadgets - http://www.glassappsource.com/

  4. Google Glass Development without Glass - http://www.elekslabs.com/2013/11/google-glass-development-without-glass.html

  5. Google Glass XE7 APKs to run on other devices - https://github.com/zhuowei/Xenologer#install

  6. Google MyGlass setup - http://imgur.com/a/IBqFf

  7. Google my glass link - https://glass.google.com/myglass

  8. Google-Glass-Temp Emulator - https://github.com/chariard0008/google-glass-emulator

  9. Google-glass-hello-world sample app source code - https://github.com/Mobilevangelist/google-glass-hello-world
    Have easy kick start with Google Glass development!!